Hard Ticket

Novel Quote #4; on the theft of the front door

His door wasn’t as beautiful as mine, although mine was now mispositioned. Maybe Gregory’d been the one who came and took it off its hinges. That would’ve been just like him; consumed by jealousy and vain desire to have in…

Novel Quote #3; on friendship

I didn’t shed any tears. I was too old to cry. I sang a short song about friendship instead, and it went something like this: He was not my best friend But good enough To remember.

Novel quote #2; on death

A world that destroys lives deserves to suffer. How else will it learn from its mistakes?

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Novel quote; the Fields of Foolish Fires

As we turned right by the dark junction where one path became two, we discovered a second lantern further down ahead. It skipped joyfully at the path’s side. There were no other sensible opportunities to pursue—bar the one where Kingsbury…

Random Ideas of the Week

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll surely have seen my sporadic #someoneshould tweets, attempts at spurting out game modification ideas, or ideas for completely new games. I figured I needed an outlet.

The Hunger Royale Battle Games

The Hunger Royale Battle Games

  Q: What is Hunger Royale (HR)? HR is a survival battle game set within a uniquely crafted Minecraft world. Thirteen combatants are put face to face within an isolated battle zone. The combatants are given only a limited supply kit…

The Living Dust (Synopsis)

“A gunshot echoes from the stage of Partholon’s Royal Opera. The ceiling lights die in an instant and general unrest sets in. Jed Franklin — a mediocre fencer with narcissistic tendencies — nearly falls over the balcony railing as he…

If I composed for a JRPG, maybe it would sound something like this