Random Ideas of the Week

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll surely have seen my sporadic #someoneshould tweets, attempts at spurting out game modification ideas, or ideas for completely new games. I figured I needed an outlet.


Transport Tycoon-style interface

Did you also play yourself to death in this game? I can still remember the countless hours I spent playing that I should’ve spent sleeping. It feels like yesterday. In fact, it was only a couple of months ago I last played OTTD.

The idea is to give Minecraft an isometric viewscope where you can drag with the mouse to create long roads or railway tracks, tunnel through long mountains or flatten large areas of land. Obviously, you lose the ability to truly sculpt things in 3D, however for landscaping and transportation it’s ideal. Wait–what if you could also create trains that go between stations, or airplanes that soar the skies as per schedule? And then log into Minecraft and travel with them? What if the two games were fully integrated? Mind = blown.

Post-apocalyptic world generation

What if the Minecraft world could be generated with high density cities, abandoned of course, factories and endless wastelands? Add a de-saturated texture pack and we’re game.

If you like the sound of that, you’ll love my post-apocalyptic Minecraft idea. Science fiction and semi-deteriorated futures are all the rage in media these days. It would be really cool from a roleplaying and atmospheric perspective to play in a world where you constitute roaming gangs trying to survive. Rather than building a mud hut in the forest à la vanilla Minecraft, you’d be forced to seek shelter in a tarnished factory, perhaps knocking out walls and modernizing while you’re at it. Or how about a deep mineshaft  under the local radio station, where you fight mutants and spiders in the pitch black darkness? The opportunities are endless.

Duck Hunt: Reloaded

Isn’t it about time one of the most famous games of all times gets a sequel? As a first person 3D shooter?

Imagine high grass, a meadow. Your finger is resting on the trigger to your hunting rifle. Your shoulders are moving up and down slowly in pace with your breathing. You can’t move out of the small meadow, sided by a couple of trees and surrounded by vast fields. But it doesn’t matter. The ducks are all around you. You just have to find them. You move in circles. Slowly.

*ALERT* Suddenly a duck flies out of the grass when you move about. Feathers rustle in the wind along with a terrible quacking ruckus. You have to react quickly, raise your rifle, and hit it while it’s within range.

*BAM* Right in the kisser! Your faithful hunting dog collects the duck and brings it back to you. Just 999 more kills for the first achievement.

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