The Hunger Royale Battle Games

The Hunger Royale Battle Games


Q: What is Hunger Royale (HR)?

HR is a survival battle game set within a uniquely crafted Minecraft world. Thirteen combatants are put face to face within an isolated battle zone. The combatants are given only a limited supply kit in the beginning and it’s up to each participant to scavenge the surrounding area for food, tools and weapons to survive.

The goal is to be the sole survivor.

Q: What are the rules?

  • You may not destroy any blocks (except leaves, flowers, grass and mushrooms).
  • You may only place blocks that have been found in chests.

Q: Who is hosting the games? 

Hosting is provided by the excellent wioum of

Q: When is the next event?


Q: How do I sign up?

To join the event, please enter your information below. Both fields are mandatory, and remember that only the 13 first applicants will be allowed to play. We will accept some players as back-up.