The Living Dust (Synopsis)

“A gunshot echoes from the stage of Partholon’s Royal Opera. The ceiling lights die in an instant and general unrest sets in. Jed Franklin — a mediocre fencer with narcissistic tendencies — nearly falls over the balcony railing as he witnesses the aftermath of a traumatic murder. He yields to its mysterious nature, surrenders his aristocratic roots and departs on a journey of vengeance through unknown lands. As unanswered questions pile up, Jed slowly realises that not only does the chase transcend everything he knows and holds close to heart, but also that his name is next on the list.”

Folks, welcome to my new blog! It currently pulls new posts I make to my music site ( and shows excerpts from my Pinterest feed on the right in addition to the thoroughly unique content I’ll obviously produce. 😉

To start things out, I thought I’d post the synopsis of my novel-in-writing which has finally been given a name (that’s a reference to The Neverending Story). Its title is “The Living Dust” but I’ll leave for the novel to explain precisely what it means. It’s worth mentioning that the name has changed about five or six times throughout the course of writing. I’m however pretty confident this one remains! *knock on wood*

The novel currently resides around 130,000 words and I’m working on the revised draft to fill in gaps, enhance language and add storyline detail.